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Furniture that Fits Your Life!


Welcome to Casual Home Furniture. We are excited to join the wonderful community of Great Bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia and look forward to serving you.

At Casual Home Furniture, we truly believe the old saying “home is where the heart is.”

Our mission is to serve our community and friends with care by helping them make their homes a place of comfort and love. We look forward to welcoming you to our new store and helping you find the “Furniture that Fits Your Life!”



It’s the room in your home where everyone gathers to relax, unwind, kick back, and put their feet up. You lounge with the fam there, entertain friends there, pick up your kid’s toys there, play video games, stream your favorite shows on the big screen, or simply gel out and be you there.

It’s your living room, and it’s all about your life. It makes a statement about your style, but most importantly, it fits how you live. It’s where you make memories that will last a lifetime.

Come by Casual Home Furniture today, and we’ll help you choose the living room furniture and décor style that suits you to a tee.


It’s your oasis from the onslaught of the day. The inner sanctum. The place where you lay your head, rest up and recharge to take on the challenges of tomorrow head-on. So, where you lay your head at the end of the day is soooo important. It can be the calming quiet you need to genuinely relax, recuperate, and refresh yourself.

At Casual Home Furniture, we understand how important your bedroom is to replenishing your resources. So we can help you treat yourself to the perfect retreat!

Our team is dedicated to helping you create the bedroom of your dreams! Whether you prefer contemporary, modern farmhouse, vintage, rustic chic, traditional, or a smartly-blended look all your own, we can help make it a reality. And why shouldn’t you make your bedrooms the most comfortable, visually appealing rooms in your home? You deserve it!


At Casual Home Furniture, we take a fresh approach to dining room furniture. With the open floor plans and more purpose-designed room layouts of many homes today, you need dining room furniture that is comfortable, flexible, and stylish. Furniture and accessories to create a new look or complement your existing decor.

Our collections are designed to fit the way you use your dining space, whether for everyday meals where the family catches up on the day or a more traditional setting for entertaining with family and friends, holidays, and special occasions.

No matter how you utilize the dining area in your home, we have the furniture and decor to make it your dream room. We truly have furniture that fits your life!


Sleeeeeeeeep. Glorious, amazing, revitalizing sleep! Casual Home Furniture carries a complete collection of mattresses and bedding from the top names in the industry. Brands you know and trust as well as new, exciting and innovative brands that are already-proven winners.

Whether you’re a side sleeper, a back sleeper, prefer your mattress soft, firm, or somewhere in between, we have the mattress that is just right for the perfect night’s sleep. And we have the very latest offerings in adjustable bases to ensure you’re getting the best sleep possible in any position you prefer.

Visit our showroom today and try them out for yourself. You’ll love our selection. You’ll appreciate our value. And, you’ll get a great night’s sleep. And don’t worry, we’ll wake you up before we close the store. Nighty night. Zzzzzzzzz.